Below are payment options that are available for your Brokerage office you lease from Key Realty LLC. The lease provides a monthly options of $100 per month and prepaid options of 6 and 12 months. Payments made are reported directly to the landlord / Key Realty LLC and will be noted to the lease file accordingly. The payee will be immediately emailed a copy of the payment receipt after payment is made. Questions pertaining to the lease, leased premises or rent payments should be forwarded to the landlord 702 313 7003 X 1

*Payees can by using debit or credit by selecting the debit or credit card option or elect to pay using PayPal

Broker Office Monthly Lease Payment – By selecting the subscribe option, the tenant is subscribing to a month to month term as per the lease


Broker Office Lease 6 Month Prepaid 


Broker Office Lease 12 Month Prepaid 


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