COVID19 Information Page

Key Realty LLC has established this page as a resource as it relates to the brokerage and the practice of real estate during COVID19 pandemic and Nevada state of emergency. Though this page contains many useful tools, licensee may contact the brokerage should additional resources be required. Though Key offices are still accessible, staff is limited at location hours based on the current shelter in place. Understand that the brokerage cannot answer questions pertaining to accounting issues surrounding potential unemployment filings where the licensee will be directed to the unemployment office for said questions.

Staying informed with the CDC

Link to the CDC and recommended practices for social distancing

Nevada Specific Information

Link to the governor’s website

Stay informed about safe practices when acting as a licensee during the COVID19 pandemic

Link to COVID19 safe practices directly related to real estate 

Information about independent contractors and their ability to use unemployment services during the pandemic

Link to the Nevada Unemployment office

Broker Information

Link to the broker tax ID and information that may be needed when filing accounting related documents



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