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Many people ask why so many buyers agents love to show Key Realty’s listings. The answer is simple, preparation. Key Realty completes all necessary inspections, title searches and certifications before the home is even listed. Combining this preparation with the knowledge that Key agents possess equals one of the most superior selling formulas in Nevada. This process sets Key Realty’s listings apart from all others in Nevada.

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Every agent at Key Realty will complete the steps listed below to better sell your property. (Some agents may have different defined steps to their selling plan, please click on the directory of agents to see these independent steps) Please select from the following marketing tools to see a more in depth explanation:

  • Home Inspection
  • Termite Inspection
  • Roof Certification
  • Home Warranty
  • Preliminary Title

As always Key Realty would like to define all of the steps that should take place in the sale of a property. Though we mentioned the steps preceding the activation of a listing above, Key Realty would like to inform prospective sellers the steps that should take place from the start of the listing to the close of escrow. Please click on the following steps to find out how these steps will take place in accordance with the sale of your property.

  • Determining a list price
  • Marketing the property
  • Qualifying potential buyers
  • Negotiating the sales price (terms of the contract)
  • Opening Escrow
  • Arranging for the close of escrow
  • Closing escrow

If you have any additional questions about the qualifying potential buyers, please call us.

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